Scammer Alert:

oderinu ridwan oyewole

Oderinu Ridwan Oyewole, the founder of Suitroh Nigeria Limited RC1345677 is a fraudster. He will take your money and run, as he has done for countless members of his staff, business associates and investors alike. He is a thief, cheat and fraudster, potential investors should beware.

Watch Out for Suitroh Nigeria Limited RC1345677: A Vital Alert for Potential Investors.


In the business and investment world, exciting opportunities can appear promising and lucrative. However, it's crucial to stay cautious and discerning when deciding where to invest your money. A person of concern in this regard is Oderinu Ridwan Oyewole, the founder of Suitroh Nigeria Limited, who has been involved in questionable activities involving deception and manipulation.

For numerous individuals, including investors and business associates, Oyewole has left a trail of disappointment and financial loss. He's known for taking people's money and failing to fulfill his promises.

Oyewole's approach centers on selling the alluring concept of groundbreaking software that would transform the trade industry. He convinces potential investors to contribute funds for developing this software by pledging significant returns on their investments. Many have been drawn in by this pitch, only to discover that the promised returns are nothing but empty promises.

In addition to targeting individual investors, Oyewole has also tried to raise funds through reputable organizations in Nigeria. Fortunately, his attempts were blocked due to the suspicious nature of his operations and a lack of transparency.

To make his deceitful business appear legitimate, Oyewole has employed staff in various roles to create a facade around the fictitious company, Suitroh Nigeria Limited. He has gone as far as manipulating documents like receipts and invoices to make it seem like the company has been operating since 2012. Shockingly, he even engaged an accountant to falsify a document, wrongly showing the company's financial transactions and earnings to date.

Potential investors and businesspeople must exercise extreme caution when dealing with Oderinu Ridwan Oyewole and Suitroh Nigeria Limited. The warning signs are evident: a history of deception, unfulfilled promises, financial irregularities, and an elaborate web of deception.

It is strongly advised that anyone considering involvement with Suitroh Nigeria Limited or Oyewole undertake a thorough due diligence process. Seek advice from trustworthy financial experts, involve relevant security agencies, request references, and meticulously scrutinize all documents and claims made by Oyewole.

The primary goal of this article is to raise awareness about the risks associated with Oyewole and Suitroh Nigeria Limited. To prevent others from falling victim to these fraudulent activities, please share this article and remain vigilant when evaluating investment opportunities. It is a sobering reminder that in the world of business, skepticism and thorough evaluation can be essential for safeguarding your financial well-being.

Below are some examples of evidence highlighting his fraudulent activities over the years. Stay informed and protect yourself and others.

If you encounter Oderinu Ridwan Oyewole or receive any business proposals from him, suspect fraudulent activities. Report it to the nearest police station immediately. Your report can help authorities investigate and prevent potential financial harm to others.

Beware of the below address

No 20, Francis Okediji Street, Adeyi Avenue, Old Bodija, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

The Fraudster's Phone numbers

+234 904 635 5146
+234 907 129 0807